Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Resurrecting an Old Dream

This morning my devotional talked about how God resurrected an old dream that had died for Elizabeth and Zacharrias.  After many years, God chose a point in time to fulfill that dream, even after all hope had died.

 My mind wandered back to a time seven years ago when God spoke to my heart and resurrected an old dream that had died for me.  My dream had been to become a Christian counselor.  I knew this required a great deal of education and had dismissed my dream on the assumption that I could never complete such a long term, rigorous goal.  But something was different this time.  God challenged my faith and I accepted this challenge.  This was the beginning of a journey that would broaden me, heal me, test me and grow me beyond anything I had experienced before this point.

The timing of this devotional was no accident.  I am still in the midst of this journey and have been in a place where there seemed to be an enormous amount of work with very little return.  I was feeling discouraged and wondering if I had somehow wandered off the path.

What a comforting reminder of Gods amazing ways.  The fulfillment of His will in our lives does not depend on our strength....only our willingness to obey and not shrink from His calling on our lives.
Are you feeling the stirrings of God's Spirit blowing amongst your graveyard of long-dead dreams?  Could it be that God is presenting you with the turning point in your life that will reveal all the fullness of purpose for which you were created.  Perhaps God has put you on the earth for just such a time as this.

Or are you the one who has been faithfully walking that dream, and find yourself in a dark valley of discouragement that you fear could be a dead end.  Remember the many stories of God's faithfulness along the way.  He has not left you....he will continue to be faithful and this is just one more set-up for God to show Himself merciful, powerful and infinitely able to be all that we need for the journey.  Do not shrink back dear brothers and sisters.  Press on and His glory will break through like the dawn.  Remember that building endurance is always part of the plan.